Going to Genting Casino

Today im going to casino in malay..

I tried my theory of playing the roullete… I tried to play just for the red and black only.. or the other with 49 chance of winning…

I do win till it triple the money.. i tried to bet with 25 if lose and i doubled it.. i won it couple times till i got from 500 to 1500 and its all gone.. haha its really my bad.. caus when i persistently to pick black and the one who came out always red for maybe 8 times in a row.. then thats how i lose cause i need thousanda to double 25 till 8 times

Then i tried my chance for the second time… With the same trick i can double it but then it all end up the same..

I can believe black can come like 8 times and red.. is that the one who throw the ball in the roulete skill or its just normal…


Diterbitkan oleh Robbytjandra

Just someone

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